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More efficient. accurate. intelligent.
language models.

Models that are more Efficient. Accurate. Intelligent.

Supervised AI helps you build hallucination-free language models and agents that uses real-time retrieval to connect to data sources. 

Our Research

Real Time Retrieval Argumentation for Large Language Models.

This groundbreaking research challenges the conventional approach of building large language models by scraping and storing massive internet datasets on servers – a slow, outdated process prone to hallucinations.

We introduce the Real-Time Retrieval Argumentation (RTRA) architecture as a paradigm shift to develop more precise and efficient language models without relying on huge pre-trained datasets.

Affiliations & Publications

What is Supervised AI?

Supervised AI is an AI research lab focused on solving problems of hallucinations, outdated dataset, reliance on huge computational resources, copyright issues, etc. 

Our team

Supervised AI is led by Udit Akhouri, founder of Sttabot AI and a machine learning researcher from the Indian Institute of Technology, Patna.

Our team has worked on several breakthrough projects including Real-Time Retrieval Argumentation, Fine-tuning Cost Optimisation, On-chain Vulnerability Coordination, Homo-Tuned Language Models and more and has built top rated products like Sttabot AI, Aentor, CSAT, ProductHunt AI, etc.

Research & Development

Udit Akhouri

Adarsh P.

Kaushik K.

Technical & Testing

Sanya Gupta

Astha Gaur

Luv Kumar

Satwik K.

Satwik K.


Deepak G.

Aditi Raj

Nandni J.

Join our team

Are you a founder, developer or open-source contributor who thinks it time to work a BIG THING? Send us your cover letter and let’s connect over a call to find synergies and work together. Have any questions? Drop them at

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